When it comes to an outdoor event in the UK, staging is one of the common concerns that people have. The common options that people opt for in today’s time are small decks that are easy to carry or a mobile stage that can be set mechanically. There are various advantages that one can get from mobile stages as compared to the use of deck stages and traditional risers.

The mobile stage provides safety

The safety of performers and attendees is the first concern of anyone who organizes an event. With the use of a mobile stage, you can be assured that it is safe. Such stages are made in a way that they can easily bear 110 mph winds, which means that the stage can even stand strong in a hurricane. There is no need to install ground anchors or ballast to achieve the wind resistance level.

The roof is also engineered for safety support so that it could bear the weight of sound equipment and production lighting. You can find a wide range of options with the experts that provide mobile stage hire in UK.

Setup time

There is a limitation of time in arranging and setting up an event. While the set-up of traditional desks could be time taking, it takes very less time to put the mobile stages. This will help you to save your time and labor cost as well.

Promotional banner

All the mobile stages are designed in a way that they can easily hang the large printed banners. Such banners play a great role in creating the memory of an event.

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